An outdoor wedding needs a little planning because, while you can control your time and rituals, you cannot control the weather. Ask your stylist to give you a frizz-proof hairstyle that won’t get messy if the weather outside is windy. Living in a tropical country means - humidity! So yes, while your hairstyle needs to be wind and humidity-proof, so does your makeup. Get some trials from your MUA based on your skin type and hair texture, and take a call thereafter. Our suggestion - keep it minimal. The natural light will give you the much-needed glow!

Choose a dress according to the season

Winter weddings are the best time to dress up in heavy and exquisite wedding gowns and dresses, but if you are having a summer wedding in India, choose lighter fabrics and pastel colours. They are definitely the ‘in’ thing right now! Flowy fabrics make it easier for your skin to breathe, thus making sure you are always fresh. Choosing heavier fabrics in a tropical country can look gorgeous, but may make you feel sweaty and uncomfortable, and nobody wants runny makeup on their big day!

The heels of your footwear need special consideration

If a great deal of your outdoor wedding is going to be spent walking on grass or soft surface, keep away from pointed heels. They will dig in and make walking straight a task! Stilettos and kitten heels are a big no if this is the case, so stick to juttis, flats, or platforms and wedges at max. They give you the length needed to show off that gorgeous work on your wedding dress while making sure you are comfortable all through the day.

Keep a plan B ready for action

Weather, as we all know, can be very unpredictable. From sunny to shady, from windy to rainy, it can change its mood within the blink of an eye. Okay, maybe not.

First things first, keep a tab on the forecast. Secondly, have a plan B (or even C) ready. Depending on the weather, you can have pagoda tents for when it rains or a shaded canopy for when it suddenly gets sunny or windy. If needed, even keep an indoor plan ready (your plan C), if the weather gets really spotty.

Choose a venue with a lot of trees for a fairy tale-ish wedding

Clear blue skies speckled with white cotton clouds, seen through the shades of cooling tree branches - if that is not romance at its best, then what is? Dreamy photos, hearty laughter, tear-jerking emotions, shy glances, trusting nods, and much more get exchanged under the shade of the Tree, making it a dream destination wedding venue for the ones who love nature, heritage, and romance. Some of the best outdoor weddings in India have happened here and if you are planning to have an outdoor wedding complete with a natural pond at the center of your venue, you know you found the one.

Gift self-care kits to all your attendees

Insect repellent, face-oil blotting papers, and sunscreens could be more handy and useful to your guests at the wedding than any other form of return gift. It’s thoughtful and will serve the purpose of keeping your guests from feeling any discomfort. Place them in pretty baskets, put them up on display, or have them passed around for an easy grab-and-go fix.

Choose a venue with ample parking space

When choosing an outdoor venue for your wedding, keep in mind the availability of parking space. Convenience to your guests should be of utmost priority and having to park their car somewhere far off or in an unsupervised space can be an unnecessary tick-off.



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